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Redken Certified Colorist, Level 3

Advanced Education:
What is your favorite food?
Sushi or my mom's homemade Menudo
First time I ever cut hair:
I somehow convinced my little brother to let me cut a chunk of his hair off. So we were probably 6 or 8, I panic and hide the chunk under the rug thinking no one would ever find it. It took a matter of hours for my mom to uncover the lock and guess what?? My brother NEVER ratted me out. Haha
Guilty pleasure:
Fries, I don't care where they came from, I'll devour them. And MTV's catfish, I get so worked up with that show!
Grow up in small or big town:
I grew up in a super tiny, country town. I knew from a young age I didn't like it, I wanted to be around other cultures and ideas. Plus you can only meet so many people in a tiny town, I love making new friends!
What one item would you bring on an island? 
Probably my Yoda sleep mask. If I'm going to be stuck somewhere, at least I'll get a good night's rest.
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